Menopause Can Be A Celebration

Definition of menopause – the 365th day after your last period. Menopause Can Be A Celebration

This means that you are in menopause for only one day! So, let’s celebrate! All the days after this one day,  you are scientifically considered to be in postmenopause.


The average age expectancy for women in 2021 is 87 years. That means you will spend 31.777 days on this planet. You should celebrate that one day which signifies the end of the wretched periods, the monthly bleeding, PMS, cramps, bloating, tampons…pads with or without wings, birth control…!

“From the time of her first cycle to menopause, the average American woman will have around 450 periods in her lifetime. That’s a lot of periods. Added up, this equates to around 10 years — or about 3,500 days — of the average woman’s life that will be spent menstruating.” www.helpingwomenperiod.org


Goodbye and good riddance.


Most of us will surely not miss the periods and the mess at all.


Menopause, as a term, is used to describe the time after your periods stop while you are still experiencing all the menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, to name just a few.


Menopause is often used to describe the entire menopausal journey when the scientific definition is that one day. The menopausal journey actually has two phases separated by that one day which is menopause: Perimenopause and  postmenopause:


Perimenopause is the phase before the day of menopause – all the years your body slowly changes and your periods become irregular, or just different. You start experiencing all kinds of issues, and your fuse becomes much shorter. The mood swings become a part of your daily life.


Postmenopause is the rest of your beautiful life without all the hassle of fertility and everything that comes with it, so menopause can be a celebration


How long does menopause last?


The average time women go through all this is between 4-7 years.


It sounds like a long time, and it feels like it when you are in the thick of it. We are not going to sugarcoat it but, and there is always a but, you can do so much to make it easier for yourself and come out of it stronger and happier.


“Midlife: when the Universe grabs you by your shoulders and tells you – I am not messing around, use the gifts you were given.” Brene Brown


Menopause is the day you should hear this message loud and clear – take care of yourself and do what fills your mind and soul with joy, peace, and a sense of freedom.


Yes, the discomfort will last for a few years for most of you, but if you:

  1. Eat a healthy diet,
  2. Move more
  3. Take good care of your mind by changing the way you think and feel about your life

… It will all be OK in the end.


So, take charge of your body and mind, make small steps every day, and thrive.


Hear this wake-up call and take it seriously. There is nobody else that can do this for you.

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