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Hot Flash app

Menopause is hardly ever talked about

Younger women don’t think about it.. it seems so far off.

Men pretend they don’t notice.

Even women going through it hardly ever discuss it.


It is as if we do not want to face menopause, as if it were some kind of admission of irrelevance. Almost like this major transition in a woman’s life is something we should brush under the carpet.


Why the Hot Flash app?

We were fed up with all this and wanted to create something that helps women deal with menopause and talk about it. We wanted to create a community, but also to give women tools to help them navigate this challenging time.

The two of us got together over many cups of coffee and talked and talked about the challenges of going through the major transition in a woman’s life during menopause.

The issues women face when they go through menopause are many. They face physical changes as well as emotional and social ones. We are not only growing older, but our hormones are going crazy. We are also wondering about where we are in life and how others perceive us.

What is the Hot Flash app?

The idea for the Hot Flash app was born at the beginning of 2020. We wanted to take a decidedly non-medical approach to handling hot flashes, while at the same time using strategies that have been proven effective by research. The idea was to provide personalized help and encouragement to women as they were experiencing hot flashes.

The app has cool features:

1- Hot Flash Button

The app, as we envisioned it, has a Hot Flash button, which you push as you are experiencing a hot flash. The longer you push it, the hotter it gets. It measures your perception of how intense your hot flash is on a scale of 1 to 10. As you use the Hot Flash button, the app records the intensity and frequency of your hot flashes throughout the day. You also have a physical way of expressing how you are feeling.

2- Experimentation

Each woman is unique and your body will respond differently from other women, so different things work for different women. The app suggests different things you can try that have been shown to help with hot flashes. We call these “actions”. The idea is that we help you, through the app, experiment and find out what works for you.

At every point, you are in control. You choose what you want to do and for how long.  When you choose one of the eight possible actions, we help you track it on a daily or weekly basis. We keep track of how you are feeling on a daily basis and send you personalized messages and information.

3- Results

You can check to see how the thing you have chosen to work on is affecting your hot flashes. If something is working for you and has decreased how bad your hot flashes are, that is great. You will have found one of the keys to a better quality of life during menopause. If not, you can try something else we suggest in the actions menu.

4- Easy to use

There is no wrong way to do this or to use the app. You are in the driver seat. We are there to help and support you during your journey. There are no fancy pulleys and levers. It is simple to use and everything can be accessed from the main screen.

This app is a first version of a much bigger one. Menopause causes many issues that we plan to address.

The Journey

It has been a real journey for us. We are two older women venturing into the world of FemTech with a vision to bring menopause under the spotlight and to create an active and supportive community of women going through it.

Tech solutions are mostly associated with young 20 somethings, but who understands menopause more than women who have been there, struggled through it and came out the other side stronger and clearer on the path forward?

Technology is important, and we use the most advanced technology in the creation of our Hot Flash app. However, it is our age, expertise and deep understanding that are the real value behind it.

We have been working on the Hot Flash for the last 9 months to bring it to women who need it. We brought our many years in the health and in the corporate world to the table, and we spent thousands of hours as well as our own life savings into making it a reality, and now.. we want to share it with you!

It is almost time the app was born.


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