Perimenopause Signs – Be prepared

Perimenopause can also bring a new feeling of becoming invisible and even nonessential. Many of us feel that our worth has declined by the mere fact that our children have grown and don’t need us as they used to. We face the challenge of redefining our purpose and goals.

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12 Ways to Achieve Better Sleep In Menopause

Tip # 10 in the Self Care Series for Menopause: Create a bedtime routine    It  is important to create a bedtime routine, particularly in menopause, so sleep is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind,   Sleep!   The word conjures up soft white clouds, floating sheep, and peaceful dreams.   If … Read more

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7 Health Checkups You Need In Menopause

Regular checkups are important in menopause  –  Self Care Series Tip # 9   Maintaining good health throughout life is something we all hope for.   A big part of how well we age is related to our genes, but much more depends on how well we take care of ourselves. This is never more … Read more

Gratitude increases happiness and wellbeing.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Self Care series tip #7 Gratitude increases happiness and wellbeing in menopause. Who knew?!   People are always aspiring to what they don’t have. Ambition is a good thing, it brings us achievement and awards, but it is not a path to happiness.   Happiness research is a relatively new field that had blossomed in … Read more