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Why ‘Womaneze – Hot Flash Help’

Hot flashes or hot flushes are the most common issue in women going through perimenopause and menopause. This is the first problem we are addressing with our app, and we hope to add more as we further develop it.

Do you advocate a particular treatment?

We are not doctors, so we only recommend natural, scientifically proven lifestyle changes women can try to ease the discomfort of their hot flashes.

Who are ‘we?’

We are Salam and Marijana, two friends who have gone through menopause, so we decided to devote their 60s to help women navigate this phase in life and hopefully come out stronger and happier.

What was the most challenging part of the app designing?

Keeping it simple and uncluttered. We wanted a modern minimalistic design that would not distract from the main functionalities – the hot flash button and the logging of actions taken.

What do we want to accomplish with Womaneze?

We would like to bring menopause out into the open so that it is normalized just like other female related topics have become over the last century. Menopause is still talked about in private and in corners. Women feel that they need to hide it because they feel shame. It is a normal phase in every woman’s life, so there is no loss or need for remorse.