Starting Over? Again!?

The freedom menopause brings

Don’t you feel like you have been starting over and over again your whole life? It seems like every time you think that everything will be fine when this is over, it turns out to be yet another new thing waiting around the corner.

And now I am telling you that all this menopausal stuff is likely to bring you new beginnings!?

I can hear some of you saying: “Jeez woman, seriously!? When will I find my peace and quiet!?”

Yes, I am telling you it is another beginning! BUT for most of you, it will be on our own terms. This is a conscious decision you have to make to do what is best for you! You need to revisit that priority list and push yourself to the top of it.

What do you hear when someone says the word menopause? Old? Hot? Tired? Crazy? The beginning of the end?

I hear wise, confident, beautiful, and free.

Choose wisely what you hear!

At nearly 57, I decided to leave my very highly paid position. After my second cancer battle..

I realized this was what was killing me — the job.

My body was screaming at me so loudly that I had to finally listen and quit.

I had no plan B. The day I resigned I was scouted by a headhunter for yet another job much like the one I had just left. I shouted “NOOOOOOO” into the phone. The poor headhunter tried to calm me down but never called me again. I can’t imagine why. 🤔😃

So, I became an independent consultant, and this year I started this platform with my friend and co-founder at 60. Overall, I am not earning a fraction of what I used to earn, but I have never been happier or healthier.

If you choose to believe that it is not too late for anything, a whole world of opportunities for brand new beginnings will appear before you. I strongly advise this shift in your mindset.

The fun of it is that you have, by now, done most of what you were expected to do. You find it much easier to go through the new doors of possibilities, that open for you, without fear because you know you have done your share in life.

When I say your share, I mean that many of you have done it all — school, growing up, adulting, marriage, creating a home, career, raising kids.

You can opt to go back to school and finally get that degree, even the PhD you always wanted. You can learn new skills and turn them into your own business, or monetize a hobby you always enjoyed.

Many women leave their unsatisfying relationships at this stage of life; find new ones or even choose to find meaning in different things. I am of course not advising this, just stating a fact.

This phase in life brings freedom created by experience and wisdom; the new clear mind of postmenopause. You pick your battles and choose your path with foresight if you are ready to take full responsibility for your own future.

This time it does not feel like “all over again”, it feels like the start you have been waiting for your whole life.

The only thing you need to do is to put one foot in front of the other. It all starts with one small step and with finally putting yourself on top of your own priority list.


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