Night Sweats – Competition Winner!

We are so happy to announce that the first prize winner is Elizabeth Joseph! She will receive a nightgown specially made for night sweats by https://partridgeberry.ca embroidered with the Womaneze logo and declared a Queenager, as well as a 12-month subscription to the premium features of the Womaneze Hot Flash Help app.

Husband: I’m not sure if I’m now having hot flushes or if I’m just being gently broiled by you all night.

Me: Yeah baby. What’s not to love? Marinated Middle Aged Meat. Mmmm!

Fluctuating hormones can play havoc with your hypothalamus – your body’s thermostat. This can lead to some women experiencing hot flushes and/or night sweats.

I say ‘some’ women but I suspect this symptom may be something that eventually affects most of us. It’s certainly the most common menopause-age-joke-really-not funny-birthday card reference. I hate those things. I also hate night sweats and hot flushes. They wake me up at stupid o’clock as I am absolutely boiling and my nightie is stuck to me. Another good reason to have separate duvets. My husband refers to it as ‘going nuclear’. As in, “Shall I snug in or is one going nuclear?”; to which the most usual reply is “Thank you for the kind offer but one is indeed going totally nuclear.”

Many women swear by a cold drink before bed but I have no desire to be dreaming of wetting myself at three a.m. Others advise the use of a fan by the bed; however, anytime I’ve used a fan I‘ve woken up with dry eyes and a blocked up nose. This may be as I don’t keep a clean enough house and the fan is simply blowing weeks’ worth of dust around the bedroom. They also make my stiff neck feel even stiffer as I tense up as a result of all the cold air blowing on me. Give it a go though – it may work for you in your clean house.

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