The MiMa Mood Forecast

When you wish your partner understood what you needed

You’re in perimenopause or menopause. Your moods swings confuse not only those around you, but you also can’t figure out why you’re ok one minute and feeling sad and hopeless the next.

Your patience is at an all-time low. Many things that used to go unnoticed now take on a life of their own. The neighbor’s voice calling her kid sets your teeth on edge. Your own children’s perpetual lateness to school drives you nuts. Your partner’s mug on the edge of the table is cause for a melt-down.

A small sample of irritating “delights” on offer. 😉

You don’t understand yourself!

Often you find that you don’t understand your own reactions. You find yourself confusing. Why is a minor problem at work suddenly Mount Everest? Why do you collapse in tears on your bathroom floor because your daughter no longer asks you for fashion advice? It all feels like PMS on steroids!

If you can’t figure yourself out in menopause, just imagine what it must be like for someone else to truly not understand what is going on or how to help you through this difficult time.

Your partner also wants to understand

Your partner may want to make you feel better but may not know how to. You may want them to understand how you are feeling, but you may be in no mood to explain to your partner and help them understand how you are feeling and what you need from them at that moment.

This can drive a wedge between a couple. Together with the other possible menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, and, importantly, loss of libido, things can go south very quickly if the lines of communication are not maintained.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

Is there a way for you to ask for what you need without sounding accusatory or passive-aggressive?

How do you maintain a loving bond and introduce an element of humor into your interaction with your significant other?

Enter the MiMa Mood Forecast!

What is the MiMa Mood Forecast?

It is a nifty tool we created within the MiMa app to enable you to send a fun, funny, or flirtatious message to your partner, telling them how you feel and what you need from them in a fun way.

Say you are Anna and you are about to leave work. You’ve had a rough day. You had a hot flash in the middle of a meeting and turned red and sweaty. You fumbled your presentation, and your boss called you in and pointed out your lackluster performance. You’re feeling furious as you are getting your things together to go home. You really would love your partner to listen to you without making the usual recommendations. You just want to vent.


Anna sends a MiMa

Therefore you open the MiMa Mood Forecast and choose the ‘I’m feeling furious’ emotion, then you select the “I need you just to listen and not offer solutions” from the next menu. The MiMa Mood Forecast will send your partner a message from the MiMa Weather Station saying:


Hurricane warning. Anna is feeling furious and would really appreciate you listening to her vent. No need for solutions.”

At first, it might raise a smile or even an eye roll, but your partner will be better prepared when you get home and will know exactly what you need because you told them.


Without MiMa Mood Forecast

However, the alternative scenario would be for you to storm in, bang the door, and bite someone’s head off if they ask you what’s wrong when you’re hungry and irritated.

We’re not saying this will solve all communication problems. For that, you’ll need to read our extensive blogs on communication or listen to the relevant program in MiMa, but it is a fun little tool in your arsenal against the havoc that menopause can create in your life.

Try out the Mood Forecast in MiMa today!

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