MiMa is Born! Menopause and Hot Flash app

MiMa is there with you all the way through menopause

MiMa menopause and hot flash is an app created for women like you, who are either beginning to experience menopause or are in the eye of the storm. We know that some women go through menopause relatively unscathed, but they are the minority.

Most of us have a few years of challenges where our bodies and minds refuse to do our bidding and seem to be taken over by aliens.

The birth of a new app is like the birth of a baby. Indeed, our fertile years are already behind us; us being the two women who started all this madness. We are already in menopause, past menopause, in postmenopause. More children are not on the cards for either of us. We have worked hard, borne children, nursed them through infancy and a multitude of illnesses, and here we are bringing a new thing to life.

Why create MiMa menopause and hot flash app?

Our goal is to help. We wanted to bring the science and the information into the service of women trying to keep it together while dealing with a body that is not doing what it is supposed to.

My co-founders and I created MiMa with the idea that you, the woman in menopause, running a home, attending to the needs of others, climbing the stressful career ladder, looking after aging parents, or any combination of these, have limited time and patience.

We wanted to design an app that would be your friend in menopause, a friend you connect with for 5 minutes a day, and that would help you take mini-steps towards navigating menopause well.

Dealing with menopause the natural way

MiMa was made for women who do not want to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or who want to wean themselves off it. Of course, we encourage you to speak with your doctor for the best course of action for you, but if you are in good health, and prefer a more natural pathway to manage symptoms, then MiMa is for you.

From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to practical advice, to information about herbal and alternative therapies, MiMa can help you feel better and change the way you perceive this journey. Menopause can last for anywhere between 4 to 7 years; that’s a long time to suffer with no help. Let MiMa be your guide and your friend through this time.

How does MiMa work?

MiMa is designed so that there is a short audio every day. Alternatively, you can read the information by text if you prefer. At the end of each session, we will ask one question that draws on the session’s content. MiMa will ask you to do one small thing for the day. An example would be to write a sentence in the journal or to track a symptom.

Did we tell you that there is a neat journal within the app?

The Home page has a convenient to-do list for things to remember for that day. Once you do them, it shows a green checkmark. We ask you to tell us how you feel every day so that you can keep track of our moods as well.

There is life after menopause

There is life after menopause obviously, but when you are going through it, it feels like it will never end.

Through a lot of personal trials, we uncovered many things that work to manage the challenges of menopause and to navigate its path more easily.

Initially, we created the Hot Flash Help app that allows women to track their hot flashes and also the known triggers for hot flashes. This was designed to help women to find out what works for them to reduce the intensity and duration of hot flashes. It is based on what science found through research and investigation.

A community of over 57.000 women

We talked to women using the app and we talked to women in our amazing community of over 57,000 women on Facebook and other social media channels. The ladies in our groups told us that there was a lot they didn’t know.

They told us that…

  • Did not have time to do all the research.
  • Their doctors were dismissive and did not take their complaints seriously.
  • They are given pills for the symptoms and told that it will all pass.
  • They feel alone, that they feel that they are losing their minds, that they are snapping at their partners, that they don’t know who they are anymore.

We have been there and we understand

In other words, we listened. We understood. Why? Because we have been through it ourselves. We know what it feels like to question your competence at work, we understand that you feel a kind of grief for the loss of youth and the shifting of societal perceptions of us. We know these things first hand. Losing words in important meetings; getting frazzled at the least thing; mixing appointments; losing patience.. we’ve been through it all..

On MiMa you can also…

You will be able to track your symptoms as well as the known triggers. For example, coffee might be a trigger for you, or spicy foods. By tracking what is happening in your body, you can learn what things make your symptoms worse, and you can decide to avoid them.

Above all MiMa includes a helpful and supportive community, where women just like you can answer questions and offer helpful suggestions about what worked for them. It is also a space where you can simply vent and get the support of others.

After all MiMa is still an infant but is growing fast. We are adding new features and programs to it every month. We want to celebrate the birth of MiMa with our friends and we want to gather you, our community, around us so that we can watch it grow into an app that women in menopause find truly helpful and is a source of information, comfort and support during a challenging time in their lives.


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