Be Creative in Menopause

Self-Care series tip #8:


Get in touch with your creative side


As you go through menopause, it is a perfect time to turn your attention inwards, get back in touch with your creative side and find that old spark.


Pull out your old paintbrushes, start writing the book you always wanted to write, learn to dance, design, and make jewelry, or do whatever your heart is telling you to do.


You wouldn’t be alone in reconnecting with your creativity in menopause; in fact, some women have even changed careers based on their passions, and found new success in their fifties and beyond.


Reconnect with your inner child

If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start, remember what you liked to do most as a child. Was it drawing? Did you like to sing and dance? Was making clothes for your dolls your favorite pastime?


Think about what you have always wanted to do but did not have time because of your many responsibilities. Do you finally have time to do some gardening? Always wanted to create a beautiful scrapbook? Learn origami? Learn how to take artistic photos? Calligraphy? Collecting interesting stuff? Make your own furniture?

Get in touch with your creative side

The possibilities are endless!


Indulging in your favorite hobby is healing, especially for those of us who did not have jobs that tapped into our creative side.


Now is the time to let your spirit show its real colors and thrive.


Doing something creative in menopause reduces anxiety, stress and even depression, like science tells us. s


Creativity helps us stay healthy

Creativity helps our overall health, as mentioned in a recent Forbes article. This is why we should connect to the power of imagination we had when we were children.

Get back in touch with your creative side

When we enter menopause, society puts many labels on us. As we get older, people assume that we don’t have the energy anymore and find it more difficult to learn new things. Employers may think that we are approaching the end of our careers. This can’t be further from the truth.


Marina Benjamin, a journalist, talked about menopause and creativity in her article in “The Guardian”:

“Every woman is individual, of course, and will experience menopause differently. But in my experience, most feel a surge of creative energy in midlife that is directly at odds with the physical and psychological debilitations of menopause. Multitasking like dynamos from dawn to dusk, they are receptive, inventive and curious, while bringing a depth of knowledge to whatever problems work throws their way. It is a shortsighted employer indeed who does not capitalize on this energy surge (what the anthropologist Margaret Mead termed “zest”) that their silverback staff are riding high on – into their 60s and beyond.”


So, whether in your workplace or in your own free time, get back in touch with your creative power. Your body and mind will be thankful and you will

get back in touch with your creative side

For more tips on how to take care of yourself in menopause, click here.

get back in touch with your creative side

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