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Menopause is not an illness but a natural, if sometimes difficult, phase in a woman’s life.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to go through menopause alone, struggling in silence. Menopause should be a journey supported by a community of women sharing experiences. The more we speak about menopause, the less isolating it becomes. We want to bring menopause out from the shadows and into the light and to explore ways of making it an easier journey for you.

We support you through Perimenopause, Menopause and Postmenopause


During perimenopause your body goes through a natural transition to menopause and the end of fertility. It can start a decade before menopause, but the average is 4 years. You begin to experience subtle changes to your body. Periods can become irregular, longer or shorter, sleep can become disturbed, mood changes are frequent and hot flashes can become part of your daily life. There are more than 40 possible issues that can start in perimenopause.

menopause symptoms


Menopause is defined as the point where 12 months have passed since your last period. The ovaries are not producing any more eggs. The changes that began in perimenopause continue as do the issues caused by fluctuating hormone levels. More than 70% of women continue to experience hot flashes in this phase as well as many of the other issues. Each woman will experience menopause in a different way.


Postmenopause begins from the point of menopause (12 months since your last period) and extends to the rest of your life. During this phase, your hormones will eventually stabilize, and you can experience a new sense of calm. For most women, menopausal issues will disappear or become very mild. This can be a period for new freedom and new beginnings.


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