Forget the “Pause” in Menopause

The Adventure of Creating a Startup at Sixty

Most startups are created by twenty or thirty-somethings are usually great at technology. My friend and partner and I are two women who decided to do the unusual. We created a startup as we are approaching our sixties. Yes, sixty! We created a femtech startup.

We had both spent years tending to jobs and families, but we now wanted to do something different. So many of our conversations centered on what it is like to go through menopause and its period of change in life. So, we wanted to start a project to help other women going through it.

The land of the young

The land of startups is usually ruled over by young techies who speak the language of data analysis and machine learning. Our claim to youth is only in spirit, but we have watched technology grow from its infancy. Even before the internet was a spark in the eye of its inventor and we understand the value it brings. However, we like to say that our strength is in speaking the language of Womaneze. We learned it through the trials and tribulations of being women and we now want to share it with the world.

In the first phase of our startup, we are busy working on developing an app that helps women with hot flashes. We are bringing over sixty years of combined experience in the world of business and health to the table. We think we know better than twenty-somethings what it is actually like to be in menopause.

Support groups are created by bringing people who have actually gone through something together so that they can share and benefit from each others’ experiences. We not only bring our own experience to the table but we invite you to hop on the wagon and join us in this adventure.

Bootstrapping – no pause in menopause

We are learning the new language of startup-eze as we go along also. So, we are “bootstrapping” our startup, which means that we have put our life savings and hundreds of hours into developing an app that we want women to find helpful through menopause.

The only ‘pause’ in menopause is the time to stop and reflect. It is a good time to reassess priorities and to make space for your dreams. This was the case for me and my friend and partner.

Let us prove to the world that menopause is a time to forget inertia. It is a time to forget the ‘pause’ in menopause. It is a time to re-invent ourselves, to speak up and to be counted!


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