Courage Is Just A Fear That Walks

Our menopause app in 2025


“Courage is not a lack of fear.

Courage is just a fear that walks.

Don’t let fear paralyze you.

Learn to walk!”

Susan David

It’s February 2025; our app is five-years-old today. On February 11th, 2020, the COVID19 year, the idea for the menopause app was born. Two ladies in their late, very late fifties decided to enter the Femtech world of startups.

Tonight, 5 years on, we are celebrating with the team who helped us to make it happen. We will be having drinks, just the two us before the others gather. We, the co-founders, are going to sit and quietly reflect on these 5 crazy years before the party starts.

Finding courage

We didn’t let fear stop us. Despite the Corona upheaval in the world, the scary uncertainty of land of startups and the fact that we were putting our own life savings on the line (bootstrapping), we still did it!

Both of us knew it would not be a stroll in the park, but we could never have imagined what needed to happen, all the lucky breaks necessary, to get the app to where it is now.

It took patience, persistence, and a lot of work. No surprise there.

We had to learn, we had to learn a lot and we had to learn fast.

Almost paralyzed by fear

There were times when I felt paralyzed by the fear of not knowing all the details that I thought I needed to understand. I was petrified by not being a master of all the aspects of this business. I knew I did not have all the skills necessary to create an app, build a platform, conquer social media, or create a great marketing campaign.

Like many other people, I dove into book after book trying to learn everything I thought I should know about the many aspects of creating a successful startup.

My dear friend and co-founder tried to calm me down and stop me from diving in too deep and losing myself in details and potentially losing the big picture in the minutia of details.

Facing the unknown

I can still remember the feeling of unease because I did not fully understand the questions asked by our developers. I can still remember the dread of not being fully in control and not knowing what the next hurdle was going to be.

Today when it has all come together, I can only tell you that the one thing I had to learn is how to walk with fear. There was no need to run, no need to sprint. I just had to walk and never stop until I got here.

Cheers, honey, raising this glass to us and all the courageous women out there!


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