Talk to your friends in menopause

Talk To Friends About Menopause

Research shows, again and again, that sharing with others reduces stress and anxiety and social connections are the best markers of good health and longevity.

essential oils for menopause - menopause symptoms

The 7 Essential Oils For Menopause – Placebo or Not?

Many women describe the magical effects of essential oils for sleep, hair loss, hot flashes, and even reviving their sex lives. Our viewpoint is that even if it is a placebo* effect, it is welcome if it helps to overcome a problem. Our body-mind connection is the wizard in this case, so why argue if it makes us feel better and even heals us!?

menopause supplements menopause symptoms

8 Best Menopause Supplements

Women have a general knowledge of menopause, and an idea of what to expect but many are less informed about the details like their changing nutrient needs and the specific of what they could expect in perimenopause and menopause.

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