11 Tips for Pampering Yourself in Menopause

Pampering yourself in menopause – Self-Care series #6

Take extra care of yourself in menopause. Pampering yourself in menopause is vital!

Do it. You deserve it!

These days most of us pamper ourselves at home. This Covid-19 situation has many salons closed, or some of us are on the cautious side and decided this is not the time to go to a place where we can’t socially distance ourselves but you can still take extra care of yourself in menopause.

This pandemic has also attacked our earnings. Many of us can’t afford spas and beauty salons, so let’s talk about all the ways we can indulge in little things that mean so much in our own home.

Let’s start!

1. Music

Put on some soothing, relaxing music; it has been proven that calming sounds have the power to ease anxiety and stress. You can even create a “sound bath” by listening to the YouTube selection suggested on the University of Nevada, Reno website.

2. Facial mask – the beauty kind 😀

Wear your most comfortable clothes and put on a facial mask. It can be a homemade one from eggs and honey. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy for you to feel good about it.

3. Candles

Light some scented candles. Aromatherapy is a way to relax further.

4. Mani & Pedi

Give yourself a manicure or pedicure if you can’t visit a salon. We all feel so much better when we look at our nice nails. Put a mask on your hands. They deserve it too after all those detergents and other chemicals they are exposed to.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliate the layers of dead skin on your face and body. Use sugar or Himalayan salt in a good quality oil to do it. That is all you need.

6. Bubble bath

If you chose to pamper yourself with a bubble bath while listening to music surrounded by candles, you could also read a good book. It can be a beautiful novel or a good book about your interests. The main thing is that it is motivating and informative.

7. Hair

Don’t forget your hair. Put a mask on it too. What your skin loves, your hair will be grateful also. Use olive oil or any other oil you have handy.

You can try and learn how to give your hair a good, almost professional blowout.

8. Cook for yourself –

Make your favorite dish. The secret to proper weight management is being persistent with healthy eating, but that does not mean you can’t indulge in your favorite food from time to time.

9. Nap

Take a nap. I know it sounds childish, but why not if you need it!


Throw a party for yourself, or invite a friend, put on some music and dance!

Put on some nice clothes and go see a play or go to the movies. Visit the art gallery you always wanted or a museum with a beautiful exhibition. Fill your soul with beauty.

11. Nature

Go for a walk in nature and heal your inner being with its vibrations, smells, and sounds.

For more tips on how to take care of yourself in menopause, click here.

Pampering can take many forms and can be your little secret. Whatever it is, do it. Devote some time to feel special and taken care of. It really is important to take extra care of yourself in menopause.

You can do it all at home if you can’t get to the spa these days. Enjoy!




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