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Externalize stress, and easily track your hot flashes
Discover what works for your hot flashes
Be supported every step of your journey

You Are Not Alone

70% of women going through menopause suffer hot flashes! We are here to help and support you discover what works for your hot flashes. The revolutionary Hot Flash app meets you where you are. Watch the video to see how it works.

Awesome App Features

This app was designed with you in mind. Each woman is unique. The Hot Flash app helps you understand the particular patterns of your hot flashes and helps you find out what strategies work for you.
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Easy to use

Intuitive and simple to use.


The hot flash button helps you transfer the heat from your hot flashes to the Screen while tracking their intensity and frequency.


It is your friend through the menopause journey, guiding and supporting you through different things you can try for reducing hot flashes.


Using research proven strategies to help you manage your hot flashes while always keeping control in your hands.


Uses coaching technologies to help you through difficult patches.


Easy to understand reports that help you make decisions for yourself.

What a great idea for an app. Definitely fills an important gap! It almost feels long overdue. How are we just now thinking about supporting women in menopause? Tracking hot flashes and other symptoms will be so useful!


It’s good to see an app for menopausal women. It’s nicely designed and easy to use. Plus I find pressing that hot flash button satisfying!


Had this installed on my iPhone too, changed my life!

Anel Ns

“Amazing App, simple, fast and to the point!

Hot Flash help

Menopause Is Not An Illness

Menopause is a natural, if sometimes difficult, phase in a woman’s life. We believe that you shouldn’t have to go through menopause alone, struggling in silence. Menopause should be a journey supported by a community of women sharing experiences. The more we speak about menopause, the less isolating it becomes.

We want to bring menopause out from the shadows and into the light and to explore ways of making it an easier journey for you.

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